dry ice cleaning at cosmetic plant

General Abrasives had the pleasure of working with MTI Household & Personal Care Health & Beauty Solutions. We were tasked with cleaning a 600 liter mixing tank used to make sunscreen that was coated in zinc oxide. 

Our first step was a job walk-through at the manufacturing facility to properly assess the scope of work. Once we set up our equipment and prepped the work area, we got to work. 

Starting with the tank, we blasted it with dry ice from top to bottom twice. We used no abrasive media for this project. 

In total, the tank cleaning project took 6 hours to complete and 1 additional hour to pack up. Previously, these cleaning jobs were done by hand and would take approximately 2 ½ days to complete. We are proud to have saved HBS on lost production time, cleaning, and labor!

Work with General Abrasives

Superior to other cleaning methods, dry ice blasting provides the ability to clean without introducing abrasive media into the cleaning process. A completely dry process, dry ice blasting can:

  • Reduce cleaning time up to 90% 

  • Reduce labor costs up to 80% 

  • Allows to clean machines while energized and operational 

  • Prevent product damage with non-abrasive dry ice 

  • Eliminate the use of chemicals and reduce waste disposal costs 

With dry ice blasting, we utilize cutting edge technology and experience to remove paint or product build-up and contaminants that keep your equipment from operating properly. Prevent unplanned production stoppages and costly repairs, contact our team today to learn more.