General Abrasives Co. Inc provides a variety of marine and vessel cleaning services using non-toxic and non-corrosive dry ice blasting and cleaning processes. Removing unwanted coating materials easily and effectively, there is no messy cleanup and no need to disassemble and decommission parts and equipment, allowing mariners to keep their boats and vessels ready for use.

This process is also non-conductive, non-abrasive and environmentally friendly, allowing services to be performed in almost any setting, making it suitable for marina, bulkhead, docks, boat bottom, interior and more.


  • Eliminates the use of harmful chemicals

  • Provides rapid cleaning

  • Non-Abrasive, preserves the integrity of the boat hull

  • Exposes deficits to be repaired

  • No byproduct to clean up or contain

  • Reduces waste disposal costs
  • Sanitizes and reduces the ability for marine life to reattach

Marine vessels must undergo routine maintenance and service to remain water-ready. Each year the vessel’s hull receives a protective layer of antifouling which slows marine growth that can impede the boat’s performance. This product adds extra weight and can potentially conceal any damages that need to be addressed. Routine stripping the hull allows for inspection and repair of any necessary deficits that could compromise the vessel. Dry ice blasting makes the stripping process less time-consuming and prepares the hull for recoating of new antifouling product. 



  • Antifouling

  • Marine Growth

  • Varnish

  • Paint
  • Bitumen

  • Glues

  • Sealants

  • Staining

  • Dirt

Saving cleanup costs by reducing time needed for hull cleaning, dry ice blasting can be used to remove surface blisters and failed hull paint while also disinfecting the hull surface and removing slime and barnacles. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the dry ice pellets evaporate into carbon dioxide gas, leaving no additional residue other than the removed contaminants that can be easily collected and disposed of properly. 


Growing in popularity for use in vessel cleaning services, dry ice blasting is less time consuming than traditional hand cleaning and eliminates the need for toxic cleaning solutions. Dry ice blasting has several advantages over other blasting methods such as water and soda blasting. Water and soda blasting also leave behind additional contaminated particles, while dry ice leaves none. As opposed to water and soda blasting, the dry ice also sanitizes the surface, slowing the return growth of algae or slime. Cleaning with dry ice is most effective if there is no epoxy layer of paint over the gel coat. There is no messy cleanup of blasting media with dry ice blasting, as the dry ice pellets sublimate into carbon dioxide gas. 

For marine applications and vessels of all sizes, dry ice blasting can be used for the following marine cleaning services:

barge rope
  • Boat Hulls

  • Propellers

  • Condensers

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Engine Equipment

  • Water Intake Valves

  • Boat Hulls

  • Propellers

  • Engine Equipment

  • Water Intake Valves

  • Condensers

  • Heat Exchangers



Using pressure blasted particles of solid carbon dioxide (commonly called dry ice), instead of using small, abrasive particles for blasting, dry ice blasting uses a pressurized stream of dry ice pellets that are initially solid and begin to sublimate (instantaneously turn to gas) upon impact. Surface coatings like paint oil, adhesives, and accumulated debris shrink from the change in temperatures and are forcibly blown off the surfaces they are attached to, leaving a clean, dry substrate. Eliminating the need for water and reducing hazardous waste or chemical drainage, cleanup following dry ice blasting is as easy as sweeping up the residue that has been removed from the surfaces. This is especially effective in environments where pollution and dust are detrimental to the system’s operation. 

The pressurized stream of dry ice pellets is able to clean in nooks and crannies of all sizes, without the equipment having to be taken out of service or disassembled. Because it is also non-conductive, electrical parts and other equipment do not have to be powered down nor do you have to wait for the operating temperature to lower. Since there is no water introduced during this cleaning process, electrical parts and other equipment can be back in service immediately because you don’t have to wait for water or chemicals to dry.


Greatly reducing the time and effort involved for the necessary regular vessel cleaning services, General Abrasives also provides a variety of maintenance contracts for routine cleaning of marine products. One of the biggest advantages to dry ice blasting is the elimination of toxic chemicals within the cleaning process, reducing both the damage to the environment and to the overall health of your employees, customers, and contractors. 

Offering services for dry ice blasting, we provide an environmentally responsible solution that keeps employees safe by reducing harmful chemical use and tedious manual cleaning and keeps the work area free of secondary waste like dust and runoff. Protect your investment in your vessel with our proven cleaning services. Contact us today to learn more.