dry ice cleaning

Remove harmful contaminants from your industrial equipment with dry ice blasting to ensure that sludge, rust and other debris is not impeding the productivity of your equipment. A dry cleaning process, dry ice cleans without introducing abrasive media or moisture to your equipment, making this a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly cleaning method. Dry ice blasting also cuts down on your cleaning time, allowing you to clean equipment in place without the need to allow for cool-down, disassembly, or protection of nearby equipment. Reducing production downtime and the need for unplanned maintenance, the versatility provided by dry ice blasting can be incorporated into both general cleaning applications as well as specialized remediation and heavy-duty cleaning services.

Numerous Benefits For Every Industry

  • Fast, effective, and environmentally-friendly
  • Contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit media
  • Clean and approved for use in the food industry
  • Allows most items to be cleaned in place (no disassembly)
  • Safe for operating machinery – does not create fire hazards
  • No moisture left behind
  • Provides cleanest surface for coating
  • Minimizes downtime and costs
  • Extends equipment life

Providing superior cleaning, dry ice blasting is beneficial across nearly every industry, removing accumulation of contaminants from equipment without the need for extended downtime or taking the machine out of service. Dry ice blasting equipment is able to provide an adjustable stream and a variety of cleaning pressures, ranging from 60 to 250 PSI. This allows us to service a wide range of applications and various equipment types with a single mechanical system. 

Safe for use both indoors and outdoors, dry ice blasting allows you to clean equipment in place via a flexible nozzle that can penetrate small nooks and crannies, sending pressure blasted particles of dry ice into the equipment. Surface coatings like paint oil, adhesives, and debris shrink from the change in temperatures and are forcibly blown off the surfaces they are attached to, leaving your equipment clean and dry. Cleanup following dry ice blasting is as easy as sweeping up the residue that has been removed from your equipment.

Sensitive Surfaces

Dry ice blasting provides a versatile cleaning solution that will not damage sensitive or delicate surfaces or surrounding areas. Greatly reducing the time and effort involved for the necessary regular industrial blasting services, this is especially effective in environments where pollution and dust is detrimental to the system’s operation. Aggressive enough to meet industrial process cleanliness standards, this cleaning method can be used for adhesive, coatings, and corrosion removal, tool cleaning and parts refinishing, surface preparation and remediation.

Save on Downtime

Because it is also non-conductive, electrical parts and other equipment do not have to be powered down nor do you have to wait for the operating temperature to lower. By incorporating preventative or spot cleaning into your maintenance regimen, you can increase the efficiency of your molds and other equipment, reducing defects in production and reducing the accumulation of scrap products.

Safe to Use

In addition to its ability to clean in tight conditions or in sensitive environments, dry ice blasting meets guidelines set by the USDA, FDA, and EPA. With the elimination of toxic chemicals in our cleaning process, we get rid of secondary waste like dust and runoff, allowing for a reduction in damage to the environment while also preserving the health of your employees, customers and contractors.

Work With General Abrasives

General Abrasives Co. Inc also provides a variety of maintenance contracts for routine cleaning of your industrial equipment. Reducing unplanned maintenance and breakdowns by providing regular equipment cleaning, our maintenance programs are designed to keep your equipment operating properly. With a cumulative 30 years of experience and knowledge, contact General Abrasives Co. for all your dry ice blasting needs.