Dry ice blasting provides customized cleaning solutions for everything from removing heavy slag from oil and gas machinery to cleaning sensitive electronic components of power generation facilities. General Abrasives Co. Inc. provides customized industrial and commercial equipment cleaning services – a valuable alternative to sandblasting or abrasive cleaning methods.

With the ability to access and clean hard to reach areas without damaging the surface integrity of the material, contaminants are forcibly blown off the surfaces they are attached to, leaving surfaces clean and dry.


Versus traditional cleaning methods, including sand blasting, water blasting, soda blasting, hand cleaning, or solvents and chemicals, dry ice blasting is non-conductive and non-abrasive, in addition to being non-toxic and producing no secondary waste. With adjustable streams and PSIs ranging from ranging from 60 to 250 PSI, our equipment allows us to service a wide range of applications with a single mechanical system, from industrial equipment to chemical tank cleaning services. 

Key Benefits:

  • Non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-conductive 

  • Environmentally Friendly, with no run-off or other contaminants

  • Allows for items to be cleaned in place without the need for disassembly
  • Approved for use in the food industry
  • Variable PSI blast stream to adapt to a variety of substrates

  • Provides gentle cleaning for smoke remediation from paper, wood, upholstery and more

  • Offers rigorous cleaning of welding debris from tools and machinery, baked on cooking grease, and more

Close-up image of old copper under floor central heating pipes
dry ice blasting warehouse

Eliminating the need for chemical stripping or sanding, resulting in a smooth finish with minimal residue, we utilize softer, less dense media including recycled glass beads and crushed garnet for stubborn paint or rust removal service. This provides a consistent surface profile while scouring deep into cavities and pitted surfaces to remove all rust, salts and contaminants. By reducing the dust created during this process, there is less disruption to adjoining work areas and a safer working environment with improved visibility. Abrasives can scour deep into cavities and pitted areas to reveal the bare metal, removing surface contaminants that can prevent good bond with new coatings. 

Downsides of traditional abrasive blasting:

  • Time-Consuming 

  • Produces excessive amounts of waste and contaminants

  • Requires extensive containment setup and cleanup

  • Unhealthy exposure for workers on the job

  • Requires a multi-step process to clean and prep before re-painting or re-coating 

Coating and corrosion removal with dry ice blasting is a gentler method for preparing equipment parts or paint jobs for fresh coatings. With automotive or public transportation vehicles, there are times when stubborn coatings like thick paint, epoxy and rust require an added abrasive to create the necessary blank canvas for a new paint job. With added glass beads into the dry ice, even the toughest coatings can be removed without pitting or gouging the product surface. Because the system does not introduce water or chemicals, dry ice blasting can also be used indoors and allows you to prepare surfaces for immediate coating or paint application. 


Routine cleaning with dry ice blasting can remove a number of contaminants that can alter mold geometry or impede equipment performance. Used for adhesive, coatings, and corrosion removal, tool cleaning and parts refinishing, mining equipment, surface preparation and remediation, dry ice blasting provides a versatile cleaning solution that will not damage sensitive or delicate surfaces or surrounding areas while being aggressive enough to meet industrial process cleanliness standards. The versatility provided by dry ice blasting can be incorporated into both general cleaning applications as well as specialized remediation and heavy-duty cleaning services. 

coating corrosion removal


Superior over the labor and time intensive option of hand sanding or potentially damaging chemical strippers, a main benefit of dry ice is the added efficiency into your production or restoration processes.

General Abrasives provides this service to maintain the integrity of your parts while reducing costs. Dry ice blasting is a more cost-effective method of cleaning equipment and corrosion removal. Contact our team today to learn more.