Traditional cleaning methods can drain resources and extend downtime; dry ice blasting with abrasive media is the solution. 

General Abrasives provides customized cleaning services for all your sensitive or delicate surfaces. When blasting with dry ice alone will not cut through paint, rust, corrosion, or other substances, adding abrasive media allows you to thoroughly clean equipment without damaging the surface while leaving those surfaces ready for immediate refinishing.


Typically, sandblasting or incorporating other media into pressure washing can be problematic in various environments when you need to remove stubborn paint and coatings. Traditional methods for removing paint and other contaminants, while effective, can add a considerable amount of waste and dust that necessitates extensive containment setup and cleanup, in addition to creating a hazardous work environment and causing potential respiratory distress. The added waste collection and removal required when using sandblasting or water pressure adds both time and resources to your project. 

  • Time-Consuming

  • Produces excessive amounts of waste and contaminants

  • Requires extensive containment setup and cleanup

  • Unhealthy exposure for workers on the job

  • Requires a multi-step process to clean and prep before re-painting or re-coating

dry ice pellets
loading dry ice into equipment


An industrial approved alternative to traditional sandblasting, blasting with dry ice that has been supplemented with an abrasive media offers increased abilities to remove paint and other coatings in sensitive environments by significantly reducing waste and dust generated during the removal process. Regular abrasive blasting creates a massive dust plume, leaves blast grit on the cleaned surface and surrounding areas, and friction and heat on the product surface can possibly lead to warping. By using dry ice with abrasive media, you can avoid the need for containment, waste cleanup, drying time, and any post-cleaning prep before moving on to recoating.


  • Eliminates pre and post cleaning processes

  • Reduces waste and dust generated by traditional media blasting

  • Does not leave residual contaminants on the surface of the product

  • Waterless and requires no drying time and no rust inhibitors

  • Environmentally Friendly and safe for workers

Dry ice blasting with abrasive media offers adjustable streams and PSIs ranging from 60 to 250 PSI. Versus traditional cleaning methods, including sand blasting, water blasting, soda blasting, hand cleaning, or solvents and chemicals, dry ice blasting provides an environmentally responsible solution that keeps employees safe by reducing harmful chemical use and tedious manual cleaning while keeping the work area free of secondary waste like dust and runoff. 

The addition of abrasive media also allows you to create a service profile of 1-5mL for proper coating adhesion during the recoating phase of the project. Using less abrasive media than sandblasting, dry ice blasting with the addition of recycled glass beads, or various sizes of crushed garnet, this method does not leave residual media on the surface of the building and there is no drying time before recoating the surfaces as needed.

cold jet dry ice cleaning equipment
dry ice blasting on wood surface


Gentler on surfaces, dry ice blasting is a proven alternative to sanding, scraping, wire brushing, or chemical graffiti removal. When corrosion is pitted into the metal, or blasting with dry ice at a high PSI won’t remove paint or other coatings, the introduction of abrasive media into the stream allows you to remove these coatings in a more time-effective manner, boosting the aggressive properties of the stream.

Common applications for dry ice with abrasive media:

  • Ships
  • Tanks

  • Infrastructure
  • Pipelines

Meeting OSHA recommended guidelines for dust exposure, dry ice with abrasive media creates considerably less dust than traditional methods and creates a more comfortable working environment during this process. The best of both worlds, dry ice blasting with added media is a necessary alternative in a variety of industrial settings, with the cleanliness benefits of dry ice blasting coupled with the enhanced paint, rust, and corrosion removal capabilities of an added abrasive media. 


Providing clients with a cumulative 30 years of experience, General Abrasives is local to South Louisiana and a proud part of the community. With dry ice blasting services for a variety of projects, we utilize cutting-edge technology and experience to remove paint or product build-up and contaminants that keep your equipment from operating properly and help to prevent unplanned production stoppages and costly repairs. Contact our team today to learn more.