The strict cleaning and disinfection programs used through the food industry necessitate a well planned cleaning program to prevent bacteria building up and inhibit mold and bacteria growth. General Abrasives Co. Inc. provides dry ice blasting processes as a safe and effective way to maintain your food production and preparation equipment.


Approved by the EPA, USDA, and FDA, dry ice blasting is a non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-conductive cleaning method that allows you to clean your process and production equipment in-place, without dismantling or accommodating for equipment cool-down.

A completely dry process, dry ice blasting can: 

  • Reduce cleaning time up to 90%

  • Reduce labor costs up to 80%

  • Allows to clean machines while operational

  • Prevent product damage with non-abrasive dry ice

  • Eliminate the use of chemicals and reduce waste disposal costs

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person dry ice blasting a grill


Maintaining the cleanliness of food processing surfaces and equipment, dry ice blasting can quickly and effectively clean your assembly and production equipment. Used within a wide range of applications, the use of dry ice blasting greatly reduces the chance for damage during the cleaning process, while also decreasing the down time of machines being taken out of service for routine cleanings.

Removing an array of contaminants without the use of abrasives, dry ice blasting allows you to clean many surfaces without profiling or altering the appearance and texture of the product. Because the system does not introduce water or chemicals, dry ice blasting can also be used indoors. One of the biggest advantages to dry ice blasting is the elimination of toxic chemicals within the cleaning process, reducing both the damage to the environment and to the overall health of your employees, customers, and contractors. 


Removing buildup from food industry equipment, dry ice blasting uses a pressurized stream of dry ice pellets instead of using small, abrasive particles for blasting. The dry ice is initially solid and begins to sublimate (instantaneously turn to gas) upon impact. With the ability to provide a variety of cleaning pressures, ranging from 60 to 250 PSI, our equipment allows us to service a wide range of applications with a single mechanical system. A state of the art cleaning process that utilizes recycled CO2 in the form of dry ice particles that are safe for use around delicate electronic components that would be damaged or contaminated by traditional solvents or water.

person cleaning food equipment


  • Conveyor Belts and Chains

  • Bread and Pastry Equipment

  • Slicing and Roasting Equipment 
  • Labelers and Gluers 
  • Electrical Motors and much more


  • Grease and Wax 
  • Proteins and Seasoning
  • Crumbs and Food Particles

  • Glue and Adhesives

  • Bacteria and Biofilms

dry ice blasting equipment

General Abrasives provides food processing cleaning companies with a versatile cleaning method to maintain sanitation in your production and packaging facility. Safe to use with food processing and packaging equipment, dry ice blasting provides the ability to clean without introducing abrasive media into the cleaning process. The pressurized stream of dry ice pellets is able to clean in nooks and crannies of all sizes, without the equipment having to be taken out of service or disassembled. An environmentally responsible cleaning method for food manufacturing cleaning services, dry ice blasting produces no harmful secondary waste and does not produce any harmful gases. 


Dry ice blasting provides a wide variety of uses as a highly cost-effective, time-saving method of cleaning food and production equipment. With dry ice blasting services for a variety of projects, both with and without abrasive media, General Abrasives utilizes cutting-edge technology and experience to prolong equipment life by performing cleaning and maintenance that otherwise may not occur. Contact us today to learn more.